Scene and Heard

SCENE “The Bremen Town Musicians” November 27-29 & December 4-6, 2009, Riverwalk Theatre Mainstage A family friendly show about animals looking to live the good life and be musicians. HEARD Re:Action Battle of the Bands December 4, Erickson Hall Kiva, 7 pm, Free Ten of MSU’s organizations are collaborating to bring 4 local bands to […]

Scene and Heard

SCENE “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” November 17-22, 2009, Wharton Center Pasant Theatre New asylum inmate, R. P. McMurphy, is placed under the watchful eye of Nurse Ratched. Tensions mount as he gains the allegiance of his fellow patients, leading to the play’s shattering conclusion. “The Seafarer” November 12 – 15 & 19 – […]

The Theater Underground

When most people talk about the Lansing theater scene, they mention the BoarsHead Theatre, Williamston Theatre and the Lansing Civic Players. Featuring shows like The Glass Menagerie and Fiddler on the Roof, these crowd pleasing subscription house theaters enjoy a place of popularity among the Lansing theater community. But what about the other theaters in […]

Vaginas Speak

The idea of getting up in front of a large audience of people terrifies social relations and policy junior Katelyn Charbeneau. “I have stage fright. I am actually very scared of being on stage,” Charbeneau said. “I get really nervous, especially in front of a big crowd.” Yet, on February 20th and 21st Charbeneau will […]

Three Ways to a New Year

It is December 31 and excited partygoers are waiting for the clock to strike midnight. Dressed in shiny paper hats and brandishing loud noisemakers, people around America are waiting for a big silver ball to drop in Times Square. Old friends and families are reunited, resolutions are made, if not kept, and the lookers on […]

In Their Own Words

“Up until a couple of years ago I honestly did not know that there were any Indians left in Michigan,” Jim Sumbler, producer and director for University Broadcast Services, said. “I had heard that there were still some in the Southwest somewhere, maybe some Navajos, maybe some Apaches, I’d heard those names, but I had […]

Ballroom is the New Bump and Grind

[dance] When most students think about club dancing they think of the Cupid Shuffle, Soulja Boy and the regular bump and grind that you see every Friday night at Rick’s. But now, there is a new dance craze taking over the club scene – ballroom dancing. With the recent advent of ballroom themed entertainment from […]