The Vogue Project

Imagine sitting down in the cafeteria and instead of reading the news or looking at those triangle things on the table, a new, free, fashion magazine is staring back. Lauren and Julie Christopherson and Kerry Chereskin all came together in hopes of launching a new fashion magazine for MSU. The Vogue Project was their idea […]

Twang & Roll

In the past it seemed most music genres were associated with certain groups of people. Rock music was made for white, middle class men and boys. Rap and hip hop were rooted the black community. Young girls existed to obsess over the latest, heart throbbing pop star. And country music never seemed to reach into […]

From Baghdad, With Love

Whenever I have either been waiting to board a plane or to pick someone up in an airport terminal, I find myself people watching in every direction. And almost every time, there has been that one small group that catches my eye more the rest. Usually, it’s a small family or group of friends surrounding […]

How To Be Office Chic

Formal. Professional. Casual. Semi-formal. These are all dress code terms we’ve heard time and time again. All of them are relatively easy to define, and it’s usually obvious what occasions are appropriate to dress those ways. Prom. Important business meetings. Class. Elegant dinners out on the town. There’s no guessing as to what should be […]

What’s Cookin’ Good Lookin’?

With tight budgets and busy schedules, it is easy for students at MSU to find themselves trapped in a kitchen filled with Ramen noodles and frozen pizza. After long days in class and at work, the last thing many want to do is slave over the stove preparing a gourmet dinner. Without microwave directions, recipes […]

Making Art that Makes a Living

As an artist carefully arranges the elements of a current project. They mix colors, sort through textures and shapes, and reveal a mood or theme. An image of the final product is constantly engraved in the artist’s mind. It is something unique and completely their own. Likewise, every art student has dreams for after graduation. […]

Ready to Rock

[girl]Every person that’s really into video games remembers his or her first console and game. For the lucky few, it may have been the original Nintendo and the Super Mario Bros. Others may have started out a Playstation 1 with Crash Bandicoot or even Centipede on Gameboy. But since those days as a kid, video […]

The Screen Dream

What would happen if you brought six of the world’s most powerful leaders from the past and placed them in a room with the board game Risk? Who would you pick? What would their personalities be like? How would they react to each other? English film studies junior Tristan Johnson chose Genghis Kahn, Alexander the […]