What to watch on Netflix: The Global Edition

1. Remembrance (Die verlorene Zeit) – Germany Set in Nazi Germany, Remembrance is based on the true story of a Jewish woman, Hannah Sibberstein, and a Polish political prisoner, Tomasz Limanowski, who fall in love, then subsequently escape a German concentration camp. What makes this movie unique is its depiction of the couple’s life at […]

Insight From Abroad: Study Abroad in South Africa

Leah Wainwright is a senior in advertising management. The Big Green sat down with her to discuss her summer in Cape Town, South Africa, and what she learned from her study abroad experience. The Big Green: What study abroad program did you participate in? Where was it located? Leah Wainwright: I did a summer study […]

Global Events Breakdown: Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Since the 1940’s, the conflict between Israel and Palestine has been at the center of American international affairs. Each decade since the conflict’s start, leaders from around the world have come together to help the two sides negotiate a peace treaty. Regardless of the outside parties involved, the terms of negotiation or the willingness of […]

Global Events Breakdown: Syria

Unless you’ve avoided watching TV, listening to the radio, reading newspapers and the internet for the last few years you’ve have probably heard something about the Syrian Civil War. Because it has received so much attention, many of the causes, events and even basic facts of the conflict have been jumbled up making it hard […]

Studies show alcohol affects men and women differently

On any given weekend, MSU students can be found drunkenly stumbling between house parties, frat parties, bars and dorms around campus until the early hours of the morning. Because this is such a common occurrence, some students don’t realize that the widely believed myths about alcohol and gender could lead them to drinking too much […]

Support for gay marriage continues to grow

During his second inaugural address Jan. 21, 2013, President Barack Obama made history. Never before has an American president argued for the legalization of same-sex marriage or called for gay rights during an inaugural address. In his speech, Obama said that same-sex marriage must be legalized in order to move the country forward. “Our journey […]