Top Ten Tweets: October 2.0

Top Ten Tweets: October 2.0

1. I live Halloween, there are pumpkins to puke in everywhere #boo #happyhalloween

2. #ThingsToNotTalkAboutOnTheBus how you’re being charged with abuse and may lose the rights to your child #TMI

3. That awkward moment when the Tigers lose and being baseball illiterate leaves you not knowing what just happened @Attivels@mongeau_c

4. If you’re in a relationship I’m automatically more fun than you by about 50%

5. The concept of farting is literally so weird

6. I’m the girl judging all the other girls who are wearing uggs already #sorryimnotsorry

7. Literally angry at how bad the girls breath was that was sitting next to me for that 3 hour class. It’s called a toothbrush

8. “What’s the difference between a porcupine and The Big House? A porcupine as 100,000 pricks on the outside” -joke brought to you by PWalsh

9. The unfollow and de-friending is a bit over dramatic to say the least.

10. Even when seasons change our lives still stay the same

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Top Ten Tweets: October

Top Ten Tweets: October

1. @Laughbook: Sharks aren’t so bad, If some stranger entered my house wearing only a speedo, I would probably attack him too.

2. now listening to disney music for study time #noshame

3. So I think eating celery and cookies together is a huge contradiction.#butheyimhungry

4. Most heartbreaking game. So furious.

5. I just ate like 7 tacos… so good.. but so full… yet I want to eat more…

6. This weather says, “stay in bed all day while contemplating your life

7. #EasilyAttractedTo #Msu girls , the best females in the state of Michigan #PureFacts

8.Kirk Cousins just got his first NFL td #MSU

9. Report: Jabari Parker includes Michigan State in list of five finalists  #msu #michiganstate

10. College basketball countdown: No. 22 Michigan State Spartans


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Top Ten #MSU Tweets: April

Top Ten #MSU Tweets: April

1. “My relationship status is about as real at Feb. 31st.”

2. “@katyperry tweet me once and my life will be complete.”

3. “If I win the lotto, I’m buying us a week date with Kristin Wig.”

4. “3 all nighters in a row probably isn’t healthy but it’s the #pledgelife”

5. “My time in East Lansing has made me miss Ann Arbor a whole bunch… And also hate U of M a whole bunch more #GoGreenGoWhite”

6. “There’s nothing I love more than seeing Ohio State losing.”

7. “The only people I play in Words With Friends are my parents #foreveralone.”

8. “Haven’t made flashcards since Nam #desperate.”

9. “Cedar Village smells like dead animals.”

10. “#thatawkwardmomentwhen you don’t text someone back but you play them in a phone game.”

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People Who Do Stuff: Joel Ruffin, Jr.

People Who Do Stuff: Joel Ruffin, Jr.

By Maddie Fetchiet

Joel Ruffin Jr., founder of the organization People Who Do Stuff, is a go-getter.

Founder of People Who Do Stuff

As of March 14, 2012, the organization was officially recognized as a registered student organization at Michigan State University.

On a campus of nearly 50,000 students the significance of the individual often gets lost in the masses, but Ruffin Jr. was determined to make the power of the each and every Spartan felt at MSU.

“People Who Do Stuff is an organization that realizes the power of the individual, and recognizes the ever-growing demand for the individual to exercise that inherent autonomy of power for the creation of programs and resources that will help develop and advance their community,” Ruffin Jr. said. “We strive to empower the individual to become the change they wish to see in the world.”

The organization serves as a platform that connects people to resources that can help them make a difference in their communities. Ruffin Jr. calls it “an organization that will move and change the world.”

Through the efforts of Ruffin. Jr. along with faculty and staff at MSU, People Who Do Stuff hopes to gain local, nation and possibly international attention as the organization grows. MSU students, state administration and MSU faculty have contributed to building and co-founding the organization, according to Ruffin Jr.

Ruffin Jr. saw the need for People Who Do Stuff when he noticed how difficult it was for students to make a difference in their community without being a part of registered student organization. The organization seeks to provide the means for any student to start their own organization.

People Who Do Stuff provides space for programming, training in branding programs and leadership styles, and helps partner students with alumni and professionals that want to help students achieve their goals.

“We are an organization that gives the power back to the individual, we’ll do that with an inclusive community that will help support that individual’s goals and dreams as well,” Ruffin Jr. said.

As the economic hardships prevails, Ruffin Jr. reminds us how important it is to close the gap between Main Street and Wall Street. But he says when people are aware of the resources right in their own communities; the discrepancy between capitalism and democracy can be reconciled.

Ruffin Jr. sees People Who Do Stuff as a “new model of a community,” and with his entrepreneurial spirit, he hopes to see his organization team up with similar movements around the nation to become one giant resource for individuals striving to make a difference.

As Ruffin Jr. prepares for graduation this May, he hopes his organization will involve enough MSU and community members that his legacy will live on. The psychology senior plans to stay heavily involved with the development and expansion of People Who Do Stuff, with an ultimate goal of turning it into a non-profit organization. Ruffin believes with an innovative team of workers, he can help lead this organization to reach his goals.

“People Who Do Stuff is going to be huge because people who want to do stuff exist all over the world, and once we get together, there’s nothing we can’t do,” Ruffin Jr. Said.

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Top Ten #MSU Tweets: February

Top Ten #MSU Tweets: February

1. Per @DannySheridan1, Le’Veon Bell’s current odds on winning next year’s Heisman are 75:1. (@L_Bell24) #msu #spartans

2. Izzo, simply the best coach in America #msu #michiganstate

3. my roommate just dropped some crazy news to me #sleepwalking

4. Love that michigan people are asking to come up here to party… ill be damned if i every go back to U of M to party

5. The only valentine I received today was from my Grandma. Let me tell you that she’s the best valentine anyone could ever ask for

6. merging onto the sidewalks at msu are like merging on to a 4 lane highway #dangerous #livinglifeontheedge

7. I always think people get too in to msu basketball, but then i turn on spartan hockey and i understand… #gogreen

8. #worstdecisionofmylife Two 8:30s and an 8 am

9. I feel like a bird is gonna fly out from this guy’s dreads sitting in front of me #cleanupdude

10. Damn, some kid just out walked me to the last strawberry smoothy at Brody You got to let the dude who can barely walk get that Smh #cmonman

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Q&A With WWE Super Star, Ted DiBiase Jr.

Q&A With WWE Super Star, Ted DiBiase Jr.

By Maddie Fetchiet

On March 10, 2012, the WWE Road to Wrestlemania Tour will invade the Breslin Center. Super stars like Ted DiBiase Jr., Wade Barrett, Randy Orton and many more will perform a variety of entertaining fights for the audiences of all ages.

Ted DiBiase, right. Photo, courtesy of Al Stavola, WWE Inc.

Tickets range from $15-$60, and are still available for purchase through the Wharton Center.

Doors open at 6 p.m., and the show kicks off at 7:30 p.m., so don’t miss out on a great show to end Spring Break with a bang.

I spoke with WWE sports entertainer, Ted DiBiase Jr. about his upcoming performance.

Q: How long have you been involved with WWE?

A: Going on five years, six years total in wrestling. Working with WWE is like fulfilling a childhood dream for me. My father was a wrestler very well known as the Million Dollar Man. I’m actually a third-generation wrestler; my grandpa and grandma both were wrestlers, so after I got my education I finally said ‘Dad I want to be like you.’

Q: How did you get started as a wrestler?

A: I strongly said I wanted to be a wrestler. I trained under Harley Race who was hall-of-famer, who wrestled my father and grandfather. I also spent time in Japan to get experience. Eventually WWE hired me and sent me to Tampa for their developmental program. I debuted on T.V. on May. 26, 2008, and I haven’t looked back since.

Ted DiBiase. Photo, courtesy of Al Stravola, WWE Inc.

Q: The Road to Wrestlemania Tour visits East Lansing in March…why do you think this is a good place for an event like this?

A: The great thing about WWE is it’s world wide. Michigan always has great crowds; the fans are wonderful. The WWE universe is so responsive, especially the kids who are always so excited to see us. It’s a great family outing for an affordable price.

Q: What does the East Lansing tour stop have in store for us?

A: The big show is the 7-foot Giant versus the World Heavy Weight Champion, Daniel Bryan. Street fighting is also in the mix and involves more tables and chairs and everything. The street fight will be between Randy Orton and Wade Barrett. The world’s strongest man will also be there and he’s like a grizzly bear of a man, the guy is massive, so it should be a fun time.

Q: You will be facing WWE super star, Hunico in the ring…is there anything significant about this fight?

A: We have a history because he recently broke my arm, so I’m out for revenge. It’s personal.

Q: What kind of crowd demographic do you hope to draw in for the show?

A: The great thing about WWE is it’s appealing to everyone. There’s a lot of action so it draws a lot of different people. I’m sure on a college campus it’ll be fun because they’re rowdy and fun. We feed off of the crowds so it helps us get into it.

Q: What about these upcoming performances are you excited about in particular?

A: With the big matches, they’re always exciting. Every event is special. Once you walk through curtain into the crowd, it’s a memory. It’s kind of like a drug, an adrenaline rush. I’m always eager to get in ring and compete.

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The “Spice” K2 Still Remains a Concern

The “Spice” K2 Still Remains a Concern

By Maddie Fetchiet

An alternative, legal form of marijuana known as K2 is gaining popularity despite its proven harmful effects on humans. However, Michigan legislatures are pushing to ban the substance all together.

Michigan is currently wrestling with the legal terms of using and selling this spice. Missouri, Arkansas, Alabama, Kentucky and Kansas have already banned K2 and Michigan, along with other states, are currently working on legislation to ban all forms of the substance, according to an article by ABC News.

Photo Credit: Jenna Chabot

According to Roy Mays, Manager of Global Investigations and Contract Security Services at Ford Motor Company and former police officer, laws regarding controlled substances are regulated either by federal or state governments. The FDC and CDC determine what substances need to be controlled by government regulation, then substances can be legalized for human consumption and distribution.

However, Mays notes that without the sufficient testing of these substances, the government has no reason to control them.

“K2 is too new and has never been studied, so they have no reason to control it and there is no proof that they need to control it,” Mays said. “Trial studies take a couple of years, and K2 is only two or three years old, so there have not been any completed studies thus far.”

Legally, K2 can be sold and marketed under the label of incense, but Mays is concerned that keeping a substance legal that alters the state of the mind and body can have many consequences.

“The obvious consequences of legality are similar to medicinal marijuana. It’s supposedly controlled but if you have a doctor’s permission or medical card, you can possess and consume the drug and reap the benefits of the THC or whatever the euphoric substance is that is getting people high,” Mays said.

K2 has effects on the mind and body comparable to marijuana, but the drug is considered poisonous to humans, and is not intended for humans to smoke, according to an article by ABC News. Still, K2 remains attractive because it is legal in most states, including Michigan, making it easy for people to get their hands on.

According to an article by ABC News, K2 is a “spice” containing the active ingredient JWH-018. Currently, Michigan has banned the JWH-018 ingredient, but the manufacturers of K2 have replaced it with similar acting ingredients that are sprayed on the spice, and resemble THC, according to a manager (who requested anonymity) at In Flight, a smoke shop located on Grand River in East Lansing.

While a drug labeled as a “spice” may seem harmless, you wouldn’t want to mix this one up in your spice cabinet.

Dr. Christopher Rosenbaum, a toxicologist and assistant professor of emergency medicine at the University of Massachusetts is an expert on K2, and has seen the harmful effects it has first-hand.

“People are reporting seizures, vomiting, accelerated heart rate and blood pressure, and requiring hospital care,” Rosenbaum said in an email.

Rosenbaum warns that the synthetic cannabinoids used in K2 are often unidentifiable, making it difficult to test their effects and do research on the substances.

While it seems that the dangerous effects of K2 outweigh the attraction to getting high, K2 remains a popular substance sold in everyday convenience stores and smoke shops. Michigan State University students report purchasing K2 at various locations in East Lansing, including the BP gas station on Michigan Avenue, and In Flight, a smoke shop located on Grand River Avenue.

According to the manager at In Flight, K2 is sold at their store legally, with prices ranging from $15 for 1.5 grams, to $30 for 3 grams of the substance. However, students are reporting steeper prices at different K2 retailers.

“Prices can get to $20 or $25 a gram for the really expensive stuff,” said an MSU sophomore, who asked to remain anonymous.

Still, prices are not the main concern for most K2 users. Students, store managers selling K2, and doctors point out the dangers of experimenting with the spice, but have also found consistent patterns in the costumers buying it.

A female sophomore at MSU, who has also asked to remain anonymous, sees a direct correlation between K2 users and people that are on probation for marijuana or alcohol abuse.

“The popularity comes from potheads that are on probation or trying to “drop clean” (have a clean urine test) for a job. Honestly, besides those two groups of people, I don’t usually hear much about K2,” the student said.

The manager at In Flight agrees, reporting that 99 percent of people purchasing K2 at their store are either on probation and in need of a clean urine sample, or are employed at places that drug test their workers on a regular basis.

“A lot of workers doing heavy labor are drug tested a lot so they buy K2 because it doesn’t show up on drug tests,” the In Flight manager said. “The construction guys working on the new museum come over and buy it all the time.”

According to K2 users and distributors, the scariest part of using the substance is its unpredictable nature. While some report feeling a similar high to the effects of marijuana, more serious and unpleasant side effects can occur, and students say that K2 is often not worth the risk.

“The effects are similar to weed. You’re dazed, giggly and have horrible munchies, but it only lasts about 15 minutes,” the female MSU sophomore said. “It’s not worth it in my opinion, but makes sense for people with specific circumstances.”

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Top Ten #MSU Tweets: November

Top Ten #MSU Tweets: November

1. “Sleep + social life = bad grades. Good grades + sleep = no social life. Good grades + social life = no sleep.”-Rachel Bonello
2. “If we all had hearts for eyes, is love what we would find?”
3. “I don’t know how the heck Denard is even being considered for Heisman. #overrated GoGreen!!!!”
4. “Great atmosphere in Spartan Stadium yesterday. Student section and fan base never stopped believing. It made the difference. On to Nebraska.”-Kirk Cousins
5. “I need a girl who loves to chill and watch red wings games with me. #dreamgirl”-Devon Coates
6. “I wish that #MSU had a fall break. Doesn’t a 4 day weekend with a blend of rest and productivity sound delightful? #agirlcandream”-Claire Gonyo
7. “Who’s Lamborghini is that on campus ! I keep seeing it ! #MSU”
8. “asked the kids in my dance class what they were being for halloween & a 11yr old said its too childish #lol”-Iris Tuma
9. “News article for the @TheBigGreen on how I connected with professionals via @twitter”
10. “Forget burning books; They are burning schools.”-Jasnik Parmar

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Nothing to Do? The RHA Can Fix That

Nothing to Do? The RHA Can Fix That

By Maddie Fetchiet

The Residence Halls Association (RHA) at Michigan State University provides students with cheap entertainment options by putting on campus events such as the upcoming performance by Saturday Night Live comedian, Paul Brittain, and performance by Mac Miller in October.

According to Chelsea Satkowiak, director of public relations at the RHA, they are responsible for 10 major campus events per year, from concerts to celebrity speakers.? Events are made so affordable for students due to an RHA imposed tax of $25 on tuition bills.

Paul Brittain will perform at the Pasant Theatre on Nov. 21. Tickets for students will sell for $5, and $10 for the general public.

The RHA brings many big names to MSU and the surrounding community from comedians to musicians.

Back in October, the RHA hosted hip-hop artist Mac Miller, 19, at Fairchild Auditorium. The concert sold out to a crowd of mostly MSU students, who were able to purchase tickets for only $15.

While Miller kept the crowd enticed throughout the event, students say one of the best parts about the concert was the affordable ticket price they paid to attend. Sophomore advertising major, Devon Coates said the low cost of tickets were what really attracted him to the Mac Miller concert.

“I bought the tickets because they were $15 a piece. If they were $30 I might not have gone. Because they were $15 it was easy,” Coates said.

Satkowiak said the RHA-imposed tax is for students living on campus and is responsible for keeping ticket prices low. Although ticket prices vary depending on the popularity of the performer, the RHA is committed to keeping campus events cheap for students by relying on taxes to fund their affairs.

“Our goal when we bring shows to MSU is not to make profit, but to bring quality, low cost or free events to students,” said Satkowiak.

Students can find the RHA tax listed under the “general fees” category on tuition bills.

Satkowiak said the RHA rarely has fundraisers that benefit their organization. The fundraisers held by the RHA focus on donating money to charities, such as the 5K Race held to donate money to Ele’s Place, a center for grieving children.

Rodney James, director of special events for the RHA, said in an email he operates under the notion that college students are often strapped for cash and tries to provide reasonably-priced tickets for events like concerts.

“When doing concerts with RHA the whole point of it is to have affordable ticket prices for students. In my tenure I haven’t had a ticket price over $20,” James said in an email.

Even given the recent economic downturn, the RHA remains unaffected by the turmoil, boasting steady numbers for event prices.

“I also do things with the mind set that most college students are broke, so the fluctuation of the economy has minimal if any effect on event ticket prices,” James said in an email.

No one appreciates cheap concert tickets more than college students who often have limited funds. However, students say the impressive roster of musical artists and other performers the RHA schedules keeps them returning to events.

Coates, who attended Miller’s as his first-ever concert, said he was satisfied and plans to attend more RHA events in the future since the concert was such high quality.

From knowledgeable ushers to fast-paced ticket lines, the RHA staff made a positive impression on students like Coates.

“The people working there were professional and it was an awesome, great place for a concert. Everything went really smoothly, they picked a good person to do the concert,” Coates said. “They couldn’t have done any better, I would definitely go to something again.”

MSU arts and humanities graduate Zach Desprez, a veteran attendee of RHA concerts, has seen big-name artists like Big Sean, Drake and Lupe Fiasco through the RHA.

Desprez said he was equally impressed with the quality of the Mac Miller concert and past events hosted by the RHA.

“It was packed, and everyone seemed to be having fun,” Desprez said. “Ushers were where they were supposed to be, security was tight and it was pretty smooth.”

Aside from major events like concerts and comedy shows, which according to James are the most popular of events, the RHA also offers smaller events throughout the year.

The RHA sponsors events like the Spartan Leadership Conference, free movie nights in residence halls and an annual stress relief program during the first semester finals week.

“We want to bring special events and programs that will benefit students. We want to bring shows and events to campus that students will enjoy and that they’ll actually attend,” Satkowiak said.

Upcoming RHA events promise to keep students returning. Even after graduating in May, Desprez wants to stay involved on campus by attending RHA events, he says.

“I’m from around here and have buddies that are still around,” Desprez said. “If I’m here into my masters program and can still take advantage of this kind of stuff, I’m going to. I’m just trying to have a good time.”

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Top Ten #MSU Tweets: October

Top Ten #MSU Tweets: October

1. “my bank account took quite the hit this weekend. definitely sparty’d out for the weekend. #worthit #gogreen

2. “Poor U of M fans they are running out of reasons why they lost, can’t accept the fact that Denard is NOT a qb. #MSU“-devalu1981

3. “I usually see a lot of UM apparel while about in metro Detroit on Sundays. Hardly any today. Hmm… #MSU #PaintingTheStateGreen“-SaraAmanda

4. “#MSU wins, and #Redwings win. #Lions tried, and #Tigers blow. Oh well.”

5. Spartans up to 13 in USA Today/Coaches Poll #msu #michiganstate

6. “SportsCenter is comparing Wes Welker to Megatron. Welker is good, but Megatron is on a completely different level. #lions

7. “This girl was cute, then I noticed her michigan hoodie.”

8. “You cant climb a cat to get anywhere”

9. “#MSU 1st class to sweep Michigan… since Freshman couldnt play till 1972 @MikeValenti971

10. BREAKING: ESPN’s @CollegeGameDay just confirmed they will be coming to East Lansing for MSU’s matchup with Wisconsin next Saturday. #MSU

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