So Much Spring

[spring9] It’s a mysterious phenomenon. During the winter months, there’s not much activity outside. Students venturing beyond the warmth of their dorms and apartments tend to move with a determined purpose; they can be seen on campus walking to class with their heads hung low. [spring2] They stare at their boots as they begrudgingly plod […]

We Came to Drywall

[lin1] The conditions of the trip were interesting. “So, OK,” I thought to myself as I hauled my luggage-sized backpack and sleeping bag down the street. “You’re about to travel to South Dakota with 21 strangers to drywall for spring break.” It wasn’t to be a typical, “get wasted in Cancun then flash people in […]

Your Town: the Impact 88.9 FM

Hidden in a remote corner of Holden Hall’s basement is one of the best college radio stations around. Roaming through the empty ground-level halls of the dormitory, one could wonder how “the future of music,” as the Impact 88.9 WDBM-FM advertises, could possibly reside in such a bleak place. The generic sign identifying the site […]