But I Wanna Play Outside

The sky is blue and it’s the first time East Lansing has seen the sun in what seems like decades… and you have to go to class. And write a paper. And study for finals. Who can concentrate with the birds chirping in your ear and the smell of flowers drifting into your nose? It’s […]

Hopeful Laps

I arrived at Munn Ice Arena at midnight to find students giving up their Saturday night in the name of charity. From 11 a.m. April 9 to 11 a.m. April 10, students walked around the arena to raise money for cancer research. [relay1] Teams, usually of 8-10 people, collected donations for the American Cancer Society […]

You Can Find Me in St. Louie

I’ll be honest with you. I didn’t foresee MSU going far when I made my bracket. So I was incredibly excited when we beat Kentucky to get to the most coveted place in college basketball: the Final Four. When I found out Izzone members could get tickets to the games in St. Louis, two of […]

Beyond Acapulco

Only one more day of midterms, papers and the hell (I swear) professors enjoy inflicting on students, and then it’s a week of glorious and splendid freedom! Well, sort of. Depending on spring break plans, the week could hold more exciting possibilities for some than for others. Contrary to what many may think, there can […]

Surviving a Career Fair 101

The season for job searching is upon us again. Most students need summer plans, whether it’s an internship or a job, and a career fair offers the perfect opportunity to survey the possibilities. But it can be a bit overwhelming. Imagine walking into one such fair, armed with your resumé and ready to wow any […]

Get Up and Do Something

With balancing family, friends, school and work, it’s easy to get wrapped up in our own lives. I do it all the time. For example, what did you do this Monday? I wasn’t planning on doing anything to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, until I was assigned to cover the MLK Student Leadership Conference […]

Got (Homogenized) Milk?

Homogenized milk. Over 240 varieties of grains, fruits and vegetables. The most prescribed anti-cancer drugs in the U.S., Cisplatin and Carboplatin. What do these things have in common? All of these products are the agricultural invention of Michigan State University. With more than just graduates emerging from the university, MSU has come a long way […]

Be a Part of History

Remember that paper you wrote for history class? You know, the one you worked your ass off writing and the hard work paid off with a good grade, but now the paper sits in a stack of old work in the bottom drawer of your desk. Well, you have the opportunity to see that work […]

Help Wanted

What do you want to be when you grow up? It’s a question kids hear their whole lives, but the scary thing is that soon students at MSU will be “grown up,” then it’s on to the “real world,” which inevitably means having to get a real job.[it] Your job can be your life’s passion, […]

Getting Beyond Race

The Multi-Racial Unity Living Experience (MRULE) program has changed Amy Yousif’s life. “It’s helped me realize who I am and who I want to be,” the education junior said.[family] Yousif is a student leader in MRULE, a program designed to promote positive race relations by increasing knowledge and understanding among students. The idea behind MRULE […]