First comes marriage? A look into the relationships defying marriage trends

Jessica Clough has heard it all before. She knows the rate of success (or rather, rate of failure) for young marriages. She’s heard all of the divorce statistics, the personal stories about long distance relationships that have failed, and unsolicited accounts of financial struggles faced by young married couples by complete strangers. None of it […]

Stay healthier during this winter’s cold months

You probably already know you should get a flu shot, stay home when you’re sick and bundle in layers for your long trek to class in the snow. But here’s a few more things you could be doing to fight off winter’s nasty side effects and make you healthier during the cold. Limit hot showers […]

Food allergy? Fear not! Our tips to keep life tasty

Food allergies can be a pain. It can often feel like nearly half of the things available are eliminated because of your allergy, or that nothing you can eat has flavor. There is a common misconception that people with food allergies have them their entire lives, but that’s not the case. It’s common to develop […]

Yay or nay? Social media has created a new form of PDA

A friend of mine recently started dating someone new and has kept the relationship relatively low-key. She and her boyfriend were “officially” dating a few months before their relationship showed up on Facebook. She was explaining to me her surprise and confusion when someone not only expressed irritation that she had not changed her relationship […]