Nineteen and Pregnant

[natalie]Natalie Archambault walks a bit slower these days. She wears her hair in a ponytail to class three days a week and attends her Army National Guard drills once a month. She goes out on the weekends with friends, but she doesn’t drink and usually she ends up tired and crawling into bed around 11 […]

Cheatin\’ Hearts

[heart2]Kyle Feldscher has had his heart stolen. Little did he know that it would also be ripped apart and thrown back at him in a gory tangle of muscle and blood. Feldscher, a journalism freshman, is one of the many victims of a disheartening trend that occurs among many young adults with a wandering eye: […]

Fight or Flight?

[mosque]\”Is it worth it?\” The question floats around nonchalantly, but after taking a good look at the consequences of putting countless lives on the line for the so-called \”liberation\” of another country\’s people, the question must be addressed. Lew Dodak, former Michigan House Speaker and State Representative, posed the rhetorical question. Dodak, who as a […]

Dark Days

The winter months can be a real drag. The days get shorter, the air more frigid, and everything, including our metabolism, seems to move a bit slower. With the blistering cold of winter digging its claws deep within our Northface-lined souls, it seems only natural to stay indoors, sleep, hibernate and/or cry like a baby […]