Feeling tired? More sleep may help college students succeed

With all-nighters and the tendency to have irregular sleep schedules, college students are not getting the sleep that they need to do their best. But experts say the amount of sleep a college student should get each night is mostly related to their class workload. Clinical psychologist Michael Breus, who has studied sleep disorders for […]

MSU and East Lansing businesses are teaming up to go green

Michigan State University students and East Lansing community members are teaming up to implement new equipment and methods to give more meaning to “go green.” MSU students are becoming more involved in the East Lansing environment by implementing new technology on campus and promoting energy efficiency in campus groups and outside organizations like Michigan Energy […]

Looking for something different? Unique activities are MSU’s best kept secrets

Michigan State has such a huge campus that some of the most interesting places can be hidden from the eye. We all know about football games and the dairy store, but students often overlook some of the more obscure activities that may be right around the corner. Here are a few of the cool, unknown […]