A Renaissance Woman

She’s a poet, activist, writer, director, educator, artist and more. She’s THE phemonemal woman. Hell, she even knows why the caged bird sings. Graduation will be a special day for MSU seniors. It will be a day of both joy- and sorrow-filled tears, a day that will begin a new chapter in students’ lives. It […]

In a Campus Theatre Near You

It’s no secret East Lansing is a hot bed for films. And there also happens to be quite a few students in the area as well, for reasons I don’t need to divulge to you. Combining the two makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? Behold – the Student Film Festival, coming to a campus theatre near […]

You’ve Got to Be Nuts

This year for Christmas, many of us might expect to receive some pretty great gifts- money, clothes, music. But, among the boxes and bags under the Christmas tree lurks something a little fruity, a little nutty and altogether horrible – the fruitcake. From Grandma Gene or Uncle Bill, a fruitcake always seems to make an […]

Literary Corner: The Wedding

The Wedding, a novel by popular author Nicholas Sparks, is the story of how one man realizes it’s never too late. The story centers around three entwined love stories: a new love, a love that has been lost through years of neglect, and love that goes beyond death. Each story culminates in the planning of […]

Face the Music

For as long as anyone can remember, school has always consisted of math, science, history, gym, art and music. However, the No Child Left Behind Act has left many schools with no choice but to leave behind art and music. The No Child Left Behind Act is an education reform that on paper is designed […]

Local Sleuth

At Michigan State most professors assign homework, give extra credit, show videos and lecture on anything from organic chemistry to macroeconomics. There’s one professor, however, that’s called in by lawyers and police to help crack criminal cases. [adams] Thomas Adams is a professor and associate chairperson for undergraduate education in physiology. He has been teaching […]