Cafeteria Cuisine Goes Middle Eastern

Cafeterias campus-wide served up a global plate last week during MSU’s International Education week. Starting Tuesday, November 16 and ending Thursday, November 18, cafeteria staff exposed students to Italian, Middle Eastern, and Spanish cuisine. On Wednesday, the cafeteria dished up familiar Mid-East cookery, including tabouli, hummus, and baklava, while also introducing students to many other […]

Can You Feel a Draft?

Recently, there has been quite a buzz about reinstating the draft. Rumors are flying about drafting men, women, and college students. But if either presidential candidate were to admit to plans of reinstating the draft, it would be campaign suicide, and they both maintain they are against it.[troops] “Both candidates are very militaristic, but the […]

Caricatures or Candidates?

The blinker or busy hands? Who are you gonna vote for? Forget a discussion on foreign policy, terrorism, homeland security, and the sad state of the economy; the candidates barely answer these questions anyway. Much more is communicated to the audience in the presidential debates through the candidates’ body language and presentation, which is all […]