The Last Frontier

There’s a rumble in the distance. It’s the giant boom of moving glacial ice as it breaks away from the edge of a cliff and disappears into the deep blue of the ocean. At that moment, a 40-foot-long Mienke whale surfaces next to the small, inflatable Zodiac boat. Gasping in awe, there’s just enough time […]

Eight Days in ’89

It was Tuesday, May 16, 1989. More than 100 students were sprawled out on the floor. They had been protesting for eight days and most hadn’t left the building during that time. These students were determined to have the school meet their demands. Days earlier, on May 9, black student leaders and racial ethnic student […]

Breaking Bread, Breaking Barriers

The dinning room was elegantly decorated. Delicate white flowers stood in the vases that were centered on each of the black tableclothes. Jazz music played while people chose their seats before helping themselves to the elaborate buffet staffed by chefs donning white coats and aprons and the traditional tall chef’s hat. Looking around, it was […]

Global Treats

Look out Martha Stewart. Move over Nigella. This holiday season, forget your inhibitions in the kitchen, and show these two that they’re not the only ones who can create a mean holiday meal. Throw away the leftover pizza, don’t even think about Easy Mac, and impress your family, friends, (and yourself) by whipping up some […]

Building a New Home

For many, the word refugee invokes thoughts and images of suffering people in far off nations. Many people don’t realize that refugees from all over the world come to Lansing to start a new life away from the persecution they faced in their homelands. After being relocated, these families still face many challenges such as […]

Fish and Chips and
Family Ties

[dublin] When communications senior Jimmy Donnellon signed up to spend the summer of 2003 abroad in Dublin, Ireland he did much more than simply study the Irish Film and Literature that the program required. He traced his family’s roots back to the home where his great grandmother grew up, learned how to drive on European […]