My Sister, My Friend

Most people have certain moments that change their life. Moments that stop them dead in their tracks and make them realize that from there on, nothing will ever be the same. For Jocelyn Hodges, that moment came on a sunny summer afternoon almost three years ago. [katie] It was a Friday and Hodges had just […]

Skin Deep

[lipstick]Formaldehyde. Methylene Chloride. Titanium Dioxide. They sound scary, and guess what? They aren\’t just found in household cleaning products – they are potential carcinogens sometimes used in everyday personal care items such as deodorant, lotions and cosmetics. Most consumers assume the government is making sure the ingredients in these products are safe, but surprisingly, this […]

Exercise Overload

[top]Your parents probably told you to drink lots of milk, eat fruits and vegetables and to get plenty of exercise. Well, they also told you the tooth fairy was real. What many people (including your parents) might not know is that it is actually possible to work out too much, making you more likely to […]