Student Sprawl

Ah, East Lansing. Initially named “Collegeville,” this city is the body to which Michigan State is the heart. For at least 10 months of every year, college students swarm the streets of E.L., making it the epitome of a college town. But while East Lansing becomes the temporary home of thousands of students each year, […]

Back to School Shopping Gets Green

The beginning of second semester represents a fresh start for many students. With new classes comes the need for new notebooks, pens, pencils and other supplies – and, as people continue to tap into their environmental consciousness, the need for products that will not harm the Earth. But because of the extra effort that goes […]

Getting Your Money’s Worth

To the many students who are scraping their way through college, $16.75 can be a lot of money. $16.75 out of a typical student’s pocket could go toward a new CD or DVD, a date to the movies, a ticket to a concert or three cups at a party. The prospect of having that extra […]

Fair Trade Hits East Lansing

[free1]For many students, grabbing a cup of coffee before class is a great way to kick-start the day. As well as helping students to get their daily dose of caffeine, something as simple as buying a quick cup of coffee can also help those concerned with such issues as environmental sustainability, fair economic practices and […]