Crossing Borders, Testing Boundaries

[1]When Rob Huber hears what his grandmother went through, he can’t help but think, “that could’ve been me.” Huber was practically raised by his grandmother, a Japanese immigrant who had dropped out of a prestigious Japanese university, immigrated to the United States with her husband (who eventually left her) and tried to make a living […]

Nothing Corporate

[hewitt] Yvonne Wood fears working 9-to-5 every day in corporate America more than squat toilets in Latin America. Next January, the environmental studies and applications senior and her fiancée, international relations senior Andrew Hewitt, will be heading off through the Peace Corps to a rural Latin American community where they will help with agricultural development. […]

Sunscreen, Shots and Common Sense

[shore] For Maren Neely, the opportunity to go to Mexico with a bunch of friends isn’t one that comes along too often. Neither does the chance to stay for relatively cheap. Neely, who will be staying at a friend’s parents’ condo in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico during spring break, is not exactly a rookie traveler. […]

The World is a Playing Field

When Ana Milosavljevic realized she wanted to play tennis at MSU, she sent Tim Bauer her highlights tape all the way from South Africa. After evaluating the tape, Bauer said he didn’t need much convincing. Having previously coached no. 1-ranked players from all over the world, the women’s tennis team head coach said he had […]