A Night at the Opera

Controversy. Sex scandals. Drinking songs. Anvils as percussion. Yes, it is a night at the opera. All of these themes comprise La Traviata, one of the world’s most popular operas, which is showing at the Wharton Center on May 22. The Wharton Center is showing an entire repertoire to add magic to those warm summer […]

Fiddle Me This

[one]Feet were a-tappin’ and fiddles were a-twangin’ as the MSU Philharmonic and Fiddlers ReStrung fused their creative styles of music together to create a new sound. The orchestra loosened their collars and embraced the spirit of bluegrass as the different groups blended classical with folk. The college students and fiddling group meshed their talents to […]

All Aboard!

[megabus]The feeling of the winter doldrums is one that any inhabitant of a Michigan winter knows well. It is that time of year when the constant cold, sludgy snow and overall feeling of sluggishness can bring a frown to even the most enthusiastic MSU undergrad’s face, as they scurry from class to class trying to […]

Realizing the Dream

Martin Luther King, Jr. once said you don’t have to have a college degree to serve, which is good news for MSU undergrads. To serve, Dr. King said you only need a heart full of grace and a soul generated by love. MSU offers many ways to celebrate the powerful message of Dr. King – […]

Creatures of (Relaxation) Habit

As the weather gets cold, the time arrives for people to favor all things comfortable. A ritual of relaxation is a source for needs that are ultimately human: something to look forward to and a sense of control. My form of relaxation revolves around Thursday “Girls’ Nights.” This night has become a ritual I look […]

The Paper Sculpture Club

In the ’80s, director John Hughes created an iconic movie about the differences of five teens spending a Saturday in detention: the athlete, the princess, the rebel, the brain and the basket case. Each person had a distinct personality and brought a unique perspective to an undesirable situation. While under lock-down and guarded by their […]

A is for Arts

MSU appreciates the life art brings to campus and the strength, dimension and depth it brings our culture. The 2007-2008 academic year has been officially designated with a year-long celebration of the dynamic duo: arts and culture. Colorful acrobatics of Cirque du Soleil, huge diamonds at the MSU Museum, an interactive hands-on exhibition in the […]

Summer (Sports) Dreams

[run]Exams are finally finished. The weather is warming up. My skin is tingling with the anticipation of soaking up a few rays and producing some much needed vitamin D. I dream of many happy hours at The Peanut Barrel with my friends. I will be busy with summer classes and a part-time job. But summer […]