Hot & Healthy

This month is our “green issue”, so what better way to celebrate it than to interview someone with a very “green” diet? TBG’s Mandilyn Kerr sat down with Leah Kelley, a MSU freshman, to talk about her diet as a vegetarian. Kelley tells us why she became a vegetarian, the challenges she faces and what people should consider if they want to become a vegetarian.

Hot & Healthy

Michigan State University received a big honor this fall…and no, I’m not talking about the football team’s great season. Back in October, MSU was ranked second in the nation in terms of sexual health, which is obviously an important issue to students. Trojan Sexual Health Report card study, which was conducted by Trojan brand condoms, […]

Good Hair

Chris Rock’s 2009 documentary, “Good Hair”, brought attention to hair and ideas of beauty in the African American community. According to a review by Ann Hornaday for The Washington Post, Rock was inspired to make the film after one of his young daughters asked why she didn’t have good hair. “The concept of ‘good hair’ […]

Is There Still a Place for Feminism on Campus?

Feminism. A word most often heard in history classes, associated with bra-burning and the revolutationary times of the 60’s. Many students at Michigan State University have misconceptions about the feminist movement and are unaware that it still exists. “I haven’t heard anything about it on campus.  I never hear anything about it, ever,” said Kelsey Hansen, a […]

Student Unemployment: Job Loss Hits Campus

Michigan State University’s students not only contribute to the institution academically, but also as employees who assist in its vital functions. Student jobs can include “department aides, computer assistants, food-service workers, laboratory attendants, research aides, tutors, and computer assistants to name just a few,” according to MSU’s Human Resources Web site. As of Oct. 10, […]