Power Struggle

The first thing a visitor to 15 Olds Hall notices is the darkness. Keeping the lights off is one way Terry Link, director of the Office of Campus Sustainability, works to reduce the university’s effect on the environment. Past the darkened computer monitors and over the stray telephone wires, he sits by his large picture […]

Sick at Heart

It was a slow sickness. A growing nausea that gripped MSU’s Democratic community as the election returns slid deeper into nightfall. Many, assuring themselves of a win, stayed up far after dark only to watch networks’ campaign maps bleed an alarming red, as Bush swept up the country’s electoral votes at a stunning rate. The […]

Misunderstood, Marginalized and Muslim

Jihad. The word jihad does not mean ‘holy war’ as it has been misrepresented in recent times. Its translation is simply ‘struggle,’ and the Muslim students at MSU have entered into a new struggle to redefine the Muslim community as an important and powerful part of America. Their jihad is building strength to bring unity […]

Like a Hurricane

Although the southeastern coastline hasn’t been hit with torrential downpours and strong winds in the last couple of weeks, don’t count on hurricane season being over just yet. A powerful force is brewing right here in East Lansing, and it is prepared to flatten everything that gets in its way. The Michigan State Field Hockey […]

The Return of the Rabble Rouser

[moore] Rapturous applause shook the room Thursday, September 30, when Oscar winning filmmaker and best selling author Michael Moore took the stage of the MSU Auditorium. The appearance was part of Moore’s Slacker Uprising Tour 2004. The focus of the tour is to motivate the apathetic among us to get out and vote on November […]