Free to Roam as You Please

[park1] Freedom! Finals week will be a mere nightmarish memory, and the hope of summer, to which we have so desperately clung, will manifest itself in free time: time to work on a scrapbook, time to start that exercise regimen you’ve been planning, time to… sit on your couch enjoying your central air and religiously […]

Never a Drag

[hershae] Hershae Chocolaté burst onto the stage like an orange laser light show in the middle of Sunday mass. She had shaggy blonde hair, legs that stretched for miles, patent leather stilettos and an attitude that would make Simon Cowell weep like a little girl. Amidst exclamations like, “Ooo, my ass is hanging out!” and […]

Magdalena’s Magic Carpet Ride

Once upon a time, a woman took a trip to Eastern Europe. Happily ever after, Miko Fossum opened a business inspired by the journey and lived the fairy tale of her dreams in the form of Magdalena’s Tea House. Magdalena’s Tea House, at 2006 E. Michigan Ave. in downtown Lansing, serves as a homey hideaway […]

Now and Then

A look at the architecture of Michigan State University over the past 150 years. MSU blows out 150 candles this year, triggering a nostalgic backdrop to this year’s classes and special events. Just as the courses, styles and populations of campus have changed, so has the architecture. From Victorian towers to geometric lobbies, the last […]

Suiting Your Taste

Ahh, coffee: the quintessential companion of any rational college student. But does it have to be the indecisive caffiene drinker’s worst nightmare? [medley] With all of the cafés near campus, it is difficult to pick just one place to get a caffeine fix. So next time you find yourself face-down in your economics book with […]

Political Music Sampler

As November 2 approaches, it seems as though the looming election has infiltrated all parts of life as we know it. Music is most certainly not an exception. Here are some examples of partisanly political songs that could get any donkey or elephant to shake their respective booties. Those leaning to the left might listen […]

Literary Corner: Letters from the Troops

[moore] With the race for the presidential election heating to a boiling point, John Kerry supporters are offered yet another nail in the coffin for good old George W., Michael Moore’s most recent release: “Will They Ever Trust Us Again: Letters From the War Zone,” offers the American people an almost unheard of opinion from […]

The Best You’ve Never Heard: Steppin In It

[band] A bluegrass infused, hillbilly-boppin’, progressively fun jam band? Yes, you heard correctly. Visiting the Green Door Bar, 2005 E. Michigan Ave., on any given Monday means you better slip on your flood pants, because you’re about to step knee-deep into the new face of roots music. Steppin’ In It, a local acoustic jam band, […]