A City and It\’s General

As the highways begin to descend into the ground and the dull grays of weathered concrete fill the car windows, a chill begins to grow. Visions of a legendary powerhouse that in its glory days produced a vehicle a minute, empowered our troops at the farthest corners of the globe and once provided industry jobs […]

One Tank Wonder

What do East Lansing and Volkswagen cars have in common? (Sorry, you won\’t find the answer in a Laffy Taffy wrapper.) It\’s a lack of excitement. After fall welcome week, the city perpetually loses its allure as reality sets in that one of Gov. Granholm’s “Cool Cities” really isn’t that cool. For the German automaker, […]

Autos and Apples

It is the chilliest day of fall so far, yet I find myself driving down a country road at 80 mph with the top down. The bleak gray sky foreshadows a dreary day, but not this Saturday morning. I have been waiting patiently for the Michigan autumn I love and know so well.[maze] The past […]

Pontchartrain Runneth Over

With 145 miles-per-hour hurricane winds rushing in from the east on the morning of August 29, New Orleans saw more than a sunrise. The wrath of Katrina’s catastrophic category 5 winds was more than the original design of the New Orleans levee system, residents and the government could handle.[no] Designed to buffer against a fast-moving […]