Lost and Found

[india]There was a palace of gold, ivory and silver with temples in the distance and ships venturing in and out of the ports. At least that’s what was written of Atlantis, the “lost” city, intriguing people far and wide for multiple centuries. The prospective ancient civilization has been disputed by many, and theories of its […]

In a Puff of Smoke

We all know the dangers of smoking. We’re bombarded with public service announcements listing the consequences of lighting up, and as a result, smoking rates are decreasing in America. But, in some developing countries, free of antismoking campaigns, it seems the unhealthy habit is catching on more rapidly than in the past. In attempts to […]

Drilling For Dollars

A faint smile crosses Gabi Stepan’s face as she reminisces about home, a place marked by the picturesque mountain peaks surrounding Anchorage, Alaska. The speech pathology and audiology sophomore now wakes up to a view of the Red Cedar River from her dorm room instead of the Cook Inlet in her scenic hometown. For students […]

From Bangkok to the Killing Fields in a Tuk-Tuk

Let’s take a moment to reminisce. What were you doing late last summer? Probably waiting tables or watching re-runs of The Real World. I can safely recall that while I was contemplating whether to use Hawaiian Tropic or Banana Boat for a day of fun in the sun, marketing junior Sarah Viges was waving a […]