A Fiery-Crotch America

Sex sells. It’s that simple. J-Lo half-naked posing for her new perfume Britney in a bathing suit on the cover of Rolling Stone – the raucous aspect of sex is the driving force behind pop culture. It’s everywhere, our lives are encompassed by it. There are a million factors and issues surrounding, contributing to and […]

Mormons on campus

Walking to class, your mind is immersed in daydreams when suddenly a person decked out in a suit and a smile approaches you wanting to talk about… religion. These people are often missionary Mormons from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Their goal is to spread their religion’s message and inform others of […]

We’ll Be Missing You

Childish antics plus stubbornness equals the cancellation of the National Hockey League. [hockey1] No-preference sophomore Corey Clearman, member of MSU’s club hockey team, thinks the Detroit area, often referred to as “Hockeytown,” will be harder hit by the decision and more outraged than other parts of the nation. “I’m angered with it. I think the […]

Lab Partner or Bounty Hunter?

Returning to my old high school, which recently received a Columbine-like scare, I was disturbed to find so many students apathetic toward school violence. I was also moved because so many of them felt unsafe at school and were accustomed to feeling this way. For our generation, school violence was shocking and unreal, but today […]

Not Getting any Greener

Go Green! Go White! Go Garbage? As of now, our campus is not exactly living up to its green reputation. MSU is the only Big Ten University without a recycling program facilitated by the university administration in residence halls. With the discontinuation of the on-campus recycling program managed by the Residence Hall Association, some students […]

Who is Lou Anna?

I cradled my notebook in my lap and clutched my pen as questions for president-elect Lou Anna K. Simon formulated in my head last Tuesday during a question and answer forum held in the Case Hall lounge. I finally settled upon asking an honest question direct from my heart concerning an issue that has a […]

No soy ningún estereotipo (I’m No Stereotype)

Being latino or latina on campus is not easy. As a very underrepresented minority in college, they have to fight off many negative stereotypes. Sigma Lambda Gamma, a latina sorority, is trying to break these stereotypes of Chicano/Latino students by hosting Leadership through Unity, Culture, Heritage and Activism (LUCHA), a leadership conference open to all […]

Out and Proud

The LBGT community is making their message clear. “Come Out. Speak Out. Vote” is the theme of this year’s National Coming Out Day, which took place on October 11. Student organizations at MSU have collaborated in constructing a week-long calendar of events running October 7-15.[voice] National Coming Out Day celebrates the anniversary of the 1987 […]

Giving Back

[older]They gave up thirsty Thursday to open the playroom for children staying at Haven House, a shelter for homeless families. They took time out on Friday afternoon to visit the elderly. They got up at 7:00 a.m. on Saturday (apparently it does exist) to register Special Olympic participants for the Pi Mile. Circle K International, […]

Battle at the Polls

[voting] He’s 19. He thought about going to college after graduation, but meager funds made that dream a bleak one. So he did what he thought was right and joined up. Now he’s fighting in war he does not understand. He is your brother, your sister, your friend and neighbor. He puts his life on […]