From Blue to Green

We’ve heard the familiar lyric, The touch, the feel of cotton, the fabric of our lives. This lyric has been heard throughout media outlets for years, but can now be thought of as something that changed and enriched lives. In this sense, Cotton is enriching the lives of a community in Louisiana. Cotton is the […]

The Om-what-man?

Your heart begins to beat faster as you click on StuInfo. Grades have finally been entered. You\’re pretty sure you did OK in your classes, but you\’re getting nervous nonetheless. You scan down the row of your college report card. 3.5, 3.0, another 3.5…2.0? You\’re shocked. You totally rocked that IAH class, so this makes […]

Springing Into Action

“Raise your hand if you were here four days ago,” a team captain of the New Orleans Common Ground Collective would ask volunteers every morning. Very few people raised their hands. Jeremy Moss, a journalism junior, traveled with a group of students from MSU Hillel, a Jewish student organization on campus, to New Orleans for […]

Are Professors Teaching or Preaching?

Just walking into writing, rhetoric and American culture professor Phil Bellfy’s classroom on the first day could raise some eyebrows. “I tell my students on the first day of any class that I teach, that it is my responsibility to piss them off because if they are not challenged, they will not think, and I […]

Friends Have Benefits

It\’s dorm move-in day your freshman year and you really hit it off with the person in the room next door (who you have so much in common with). You think, \”Wow. I bet we\’ll be friends forever.\” It\’s a nice thought, but is it likely? The first two years of college are generally spent […]

Dry Humor

One word comes to mind when thinking of the white, easily erasable boards stuck to the wooden doors throughout campus dorms: RANDOM. You can always count on seeing haphazard doodling, phone numbers from hook-ups and pictures when walking down any dorm hallway. Then there are the occasional messages to friends, inside jokes and even amazing […]

Resident Life

[house 4] Imagine walking your three children down the street to church on an ordinary Sunday morning, having to sidestep vomit, smashed beer bottles, dismantled lawn furniture and demolished light posts. For “permanent” resident (a term used loosely for those that live in East Lansing longer than students) Nancy Schertzing, this is the worst part […]

One London Morning

It was a rainy, muggy summer morning, and my paper was due in a few hours. I walked alongside the River Liffey in downtown Dublin to the cheapest Internet café I could find. As I began to write, my thoughts drifted away into a bubble of despair and heartache. Just a few moments before, there […]

Homeward Bound

For graduating MSU seniors, this time of year is all about the upcoming commencement ceremony, job searches and spending precious moments with friends they may never see again. But graduation can also bring some students the realization that they must move back in with their parents, even those who swore they’d never be “one of […]

Eastern Easter

Not all Christians took part in egg hunts or salivated over savory ham dinners last Sunday, when our Western calendars proclaimed the day to be Easter. Sure, the dorms and area businesses may have shut down for the weekend, but for the Eastern Orthodox religion, Easter is still a month away. For both Western and […]