Help From the Heart

[help]The first week back to school after winter vacation is always one of the hardest. Waking up early, sitting through class after class, and standing in endless lines at the book store are only a few of the hassles the average MSU student must face. So, it’s no surprise that at the end of the […]

Give Thanks to Genocide?

The curtain opens and a stage decorated with brightly colored leaves and a long dinner table command the audience’s attention. Five children walk onto the stage dressed as pilgrims in long brown dresses and overalls, with hats and bonnets firmly secured to their heads. Simultaneously, five “Indian” children enter the stage from the opposite side, […]

A Drunken Nation

Sitting atop a high bar stool at a local smoky pub you overhear the people sitting next to you discussing the latest military strike in Iraq, and as the bartender plops down a rich, dark amber colored beer with a 4 inch frothy head, you realize that you’re not the only one who can easily […]

Bedridden in London

[bones]Imagine being overseas on a trip that you have been looking forward to for almost a year. In the midst of sightseeing, shopping and going out to clubs and bars, you realize that these experiences will shape how you view the world for the rest of your life, and the last thing on your mind […]