Book Collectors Compete

As a kid, collections consisted of shiny pennies and nickels found in couch cushions and a piece of sparkling quartz lying beside the driveway. However for some students at MSU, collecting is not child’s play. The Student Book Collecting Competition held its thirteenth annual collectors event on Tuesday, April 6. Four finalists received the opportunity […]

Do Laptops Belong in Class?

Clacking keys, scrolling party pictures and alluring wireless Internet on the laptop of the person in front of you quickly draws attention away from the professor and his oh-so-interesting explanation of igneous rock. In a class of hundreds of students, Facebook stalking will go completely unnoticed. And when the people around you start flicking through […]

Student Group Scouting for African Health Care

Once a week, giant bananas roam around campus giving out free goodies. They’re not out to promote fruit or make people think they’d smoked too much pot before class; they’re saving Africa. SCOUT BANANA is a non-profit organization that works to raise awareness for health care in some of Africa’s neediest areas. Started by a […]

Screaming for Success

It is dark. The day has finally slipped away, and an eerie silence has fallen over campus. Outside, life has become deathly still apart from several solo travelers hurrying beneath the glow of the streetlamps. Two girls sit awake in a room. As the clock’s neon numbers flash midnight, the girl on the futon raises […]