Pretty In Plastic

Americans are obsessed with attaining the perfect body. But gone are the days of wishing- now, the perfect breasts are just a slice away, old age can be prevented through Botox, and a face like Jennifer Aniston’s can be yours for only a few thousand dollars. [nose] Nancy, the department nurse manager for the MSU […]

A Morning-After Solution

Suppose a condom broke after you and your significant other just had sex. Would you stop to think of the consequences that could follow? For many female college students who have faced this problem, they turn to medical assistance the morning after to ensure a pregnancy will not result. Many people have different views on […]

Get Empowered, Get Tested, Get Responsible

HIV and AIDS were once considered a gay, white male’s diseases, but times have changed. Although blacks only make up about 12 percent of the United State’s population, they make up more than half of those newly infected with HIV. To promote awareness of this epidemic that affects one in every 600 African Americans, the […]

Children and the Issue of Death

Dealing with the loss of a parent or a loved one is hard for everyone, especially children. For some children it is even worse because they do not understand what has happened or what it means. When they are confused it may affect them as they grow older. Gwen Kapcia is the program director for […]

Up In Smoke

Whether it’s the occasional cigarette or hit off of a joint, many students are guilty of at least infrequent smoking. Most also know that its harmful, but do they know just how harmful that innocent little puff is? Sharolyn Gonzalez, the outreach manager in the Cancer Center at Sparrow Hospital said the number of adults […]

Swatting the Bug

As it starts to get colder, students at MSU may want to stock up on more tissue. It could be a long winter. Being as most students are under 65, older than 6 months and, on average, not pregnant, the chances of getting a flu shot in the midst of the national flu vaccine shortage […]

Get Credit for Your Sweat

Most classes rarely require more exercise than carrying a book. So how can you stay in shape while earning that 4.0? Check out the variety of kinesiology classes MSU has to offer, including basketball, tennis, bowling, general condition, swimming, aerobics, volleyball, ice skating, gymnastics and diving, to name a few. If you think these are […]

Papers to Pampers

Have you ever felt the pressure of exams, homework, reading assignments or work? If you haven’t, you are lucky. Imagine dealing with a child on top of all the other stresses of your everyday life. It is hard to imagine, but this is the way many student-parents live their lives. Chris Robinson is a student […]