Life, Illuminated

[1]It was one of those major events in history when everyone remembers what they were doing when it happened. The OJ Simpson verdict – sixth grade computer class. September 11 – high school senior lounge. Remembering “where you were” is a good conversation topic and this time, my story was a little less mundane. In […]


[1]Sitting in Espresso Royale, marketing and advertising senior, Jen Torrey, picks and scratches at the surface of her bright green laptop with her acrylic French-manicured nails. She then moves on to the table, scraping and brushing off the crumbs from her mutilated muffin. “See! She’s doing it right now!” her friend, business senior, Kate Runyon […]

Headed South

They are my favorite three words. They used to be a joke with a hint of truth and now they are just the plain truth. The “fat jeans” I bought a year ago were beginning to get a little tight. After one particular weekend splurge of beer, pizza and Chinese food, I turn to my […]

A Friendly Debate

Editor’s note: The name Jackie Barnett was generated randomly, as he person originally interviewed requested their name be taken off the site. Please direct any questions toward It seems that whenever I tell my mom I am going somewhere with one of my guy friends, I get the same response. Her eyebrows arch and […]


It’s that time again. You lace up your Nikes, fill your water bottle and grab your iPod. As a college student, it’s become a normal part of your day. Those pizza and beer binges every weekend have helped you to pack on the pounds and your punishment in disguise is making time for that daily, […]

When All Else Fails

Walking into the building, she felt uncomfortable. She had heard about it from one of her older friends, but didn’t know much about it. This was her backup, a second chance to put a stop to something she wasn’t prepared to handle. This was her “plan B.”[1] “Sarah,” who wishes to remain anonymous, never thought […]

Forget the Red Bull

It’s 10 p.m., the night before that big final, and let’s face it: you haven’t cracked the book since you tripped over it on your floor in early January. Your head is falling to your shoulder, your eyelids are drooping and your immunity to caffeinated drinks isn’t helping you stay alert. Many MSU students are […]