This Too Shall Pass

It happened. It hurt. And now you’re left wondering if you’ll ever be happy again. Closure, you think to yourself, is what you need to move on and start rebuilding everything you’ve lost. There are different ways to accomplish this, but how does one know that he or she has truly gotten over someone or […]

Scary Sites

We learn to tie our shoes with help from those who have worn shoes for decades. We are taught to ride a bike guided by a steady hand that provides balance and support. Most everything we’ve come to do well, we’ve learned from someone else. Often times we’re guided step by step with reinforcement and […]

Knowing is Beautiful

If Munn Ice Arena was filled to capacity with MSU students, at least 12 of them would be infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). Would I be one of them? “I can say that one in 500 students at MSU have HIV,” Megan Musica, HIV coordinator at Olin, said. Olin has provided free HIV testing […]

Siblings the new sexperts?

When you have a burning sensation in your bathing suit area, or wonder why you can’t make an erection go away, who do you turn to? A parent? Your counselor? A friend? Maybe a teacher at school? What about a brother or sister? Personally, asking my mom if it’s normal to burst into tears after […]

The Down Low on the Back Door

Anal sex might be something we chuckle over or mock during a conversation, but there’s more to know about doing the back-door deed than some people might think. Since the Middle Ages, anal sex has been taboo in many Western countries. “Heretical movements were sometimes slandered by rumors that their members practiced anal sex among […]

Reach Out and Touch Someone

Human touch is something we all need in our lives to survive. Whether it be hugs, kisses, caresses, flirtatious nudges or even a grope or two thrown in just for fun, physical intimacy plays an important role in relationships. “There is a lot of research now about the importance of touch, the importance of human […]

Dozed and Confused

Stuyding for exams, reading that $80 course pack, partying roommates, fast food runs, Adult Swim. Just a few examples of why most college students do not get enough sleep. Rest is the one thing everyone needs that we don’t get enough of. It’s about time to start examining our sleep hygiene. With stress levels rising, […]

In Search of the Cure for the Hangover

We’ve all been there before. The alarm blares, making it feel like a thousand elephants are stampeding over your head. You crack your eyes open to find out that you still have the clothes you wore the night before, or lack any clothing at all, your breath could kill, you didn’t make it all the […]

Oh Canada!

At the end of this fall semester or in May 2005, thousands of MSU students will cross a stage in the Breslin Center and graduate, walking out into the real world hopefully with real world jobs. Little do many students know, that once they’ve entered the real world, they are stripped of many benefits that […]

The Gettin- Lucky Soundtrack

The lights are down, the candles lit. All you need is the perfect song to really get things going… “Let’s get it on….” The immortal refrain from the classic Motown single by Marvin Gaye, released in 1973, is the first song most people think of when they want to get into mood, according to a […]