Oh Canada

Be prepared to trade Monday Night Football for the Hockey Night on Saturday. Be ready to stop drinking beers with under six percent alcohol. Trade in the bald eagle for the beaver. And don’t forget to bring your metric system conversion chart. It’s time to go to Canada. And not just for a night of […]

What the Hell Happened?

Hindsight may be 20-20, but the question weighs on the mind of every democrat post-election: Where did Kerry go wrong? With the issues of the economy, a war on terror, a troubling conflict in Iraq and a majority of voters unsure about the president’s next move, many analysts predicted that John Forbes Kerry would be […]

Damn Nader

Democrats have been losing sleep over it. Republicans have been helping to fund it. No, it isn’t the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth advertisements. It is the Ralph Nader Presidential campaign.[nader2] Ralph Nader emerged as threat to Democrats, especially considering his candidacy in the 2000 election. Nader is on the ballot in nine of the […]

Voices of Alternative Media

In the shadow of the upcoming election, American voters see each Presidential candidate’s policies and rhetoric almost exclusively through the eyes of corporate television and newspaper reporters. Many of these same Americans are bothered by the possibility of bias in the news. Does the news seem to have a liberal slant? Is Fox News really […]