Nathan Tripplett Interview

He’s an MSU law student. He’s a skier. He worked with the Legislature in Lansing for six years and managed a political campaign fresh out of college. But he’s also the youngest member of East Lansing City Council, and up for re-election in November.

Top Ten #MSU Tweets: March

You and your friends tweet status updates. Your professors tweet homework assignments. Your mom tweets to tell you to get enough vitamins. Let’s face it: Twitter is here to stay, and State Side is celebrating that fact by bringing you ten of the best, most school-spirity, most right-on, most hilarious tweets with a #MSU tag each month. @TheBigGreen. Get at us.

Static: A Hairy Situation (and how to fix it)

From the time she was just a little girl Emily Lawler’s straight, fine hair was hard to manage in the dry, winter air. This winter, Emily is standing up to static cling and wearing her hair down year-round. Find out what products Emily is using to keep her hair from sticking to her face.

Make a Healthy Hummus

Emily Lawler, The Big Green’s own multimedia editor, has precisely one hour to cook every day. She has become an expert at making delicious, healthy meals in a small amount of time. In this video, Emily shares how to create a healthy hummus in less than 30 minutes!

New Website Sends Students Text Reminders

Remind101 is a new website that sends MSU students text messages and e-mail alerts reminding them about assignments, due dates, exams and more. A study through the Telecommunications Department is measuring the effectiveness of this service, and TBG sat down with site founder and MSU alum Brett Kopf to see what’s going on behind the […]

Union MSU’s “Twitter Hub”

“Where U at?” Social media wise, probably wasting time on Twitter, if you’re not a Luddite. But there’s another U on Twitter these days and it’s good ole’ MSU, your friendly university. MSU has 119 recognized Twitter feeds belonging to colleges, student groups, schools, buildings and other entities. In theory, each feed is “specialized” — […]

SoS Media: The Impact (89 FM, that is)

As part of The Big Green and Spartanedge’s series on “The State of State’s Media,” TBG Editor in Chief Emily Lawler sat down with Impact 89 FM Station Manger Jeremy Whiting. Read on or take a listen for Whiting’s words on how Impact is evolving, student tax dollars at use and what he thought of […]

MSU Power Plant in Trouble With State, Campus Groups

The MSU power plant has a dirty little secret: coal. The Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DNRE) heard testimony today concerning self-reported excess emissions of nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide. The T.B. Simon power plant produces enough energy for the entire MSU campus, but in doing so allegedly violated its Renewable Operating Permit with […]