The Feminist Bride

As an educated woman and a potential bride, I felt threatened by years of weddings focused on virginity and patriarchy. More and more of my friends are getting engaged and planning weddings, and I find my consciousness heightened about this strange, ritualistic celebration. I wonder if it’s entirely necessary to wear an engagement ring, change […]

A Scotch and Cigar Man

The first time I heard Ron White’s comedy, I was in the passenger seat of my boyfriend’s car, hunched over on the dashboard, begging him to turn it off so I could stop laughing. I laughed so hard my chest burned and tears streamed uncontrollably down my cheeks. Some of his jokes may be offensive […]

Now Playing

So you’d like to catch a piece of the film festival, but you don’t want to choose randomly from the wide array of selections? Here’s a breakdown of the major films by genre: foreign language, romance, drama and documentary. Like many independent films, expect the unexpected with titles such as “Threads of Belonging” utilizing all […]

Thou Shalt Not… Prevent Equality?

The United States is a nation that boasts of religious freedom and equality for all people. However, the case of the Ten Commandments in the Supreme Court is proof that our shining golden façade is truly only a gilded one. A public monument bearing the Ten Commandments— along with “I am the LORD thy God” […]

From Pirates to Green Beer

[beer] Today we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with green beer, corned beef and t-shirts bearing phrases like “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” (although we both know you’re probably not). Yet, the real St Patrick didn’t drink, eat or wear any of those things we think of as hallmarks of the holiday. (Okay, maybe he wore the […]

My Body Image Awakening

If you’ve seen the comic masterpiece, “Dodgeball,” and you’ve heard the excremental verbiage flowing from Ben Stiller’s mouth, then you’ll recognize this bit: White Goodman: At Globo Gym we understand that “ugliness” and “fatness” are genetic disorders, much like baldness or necrophilia, and it’s only your fault if you don’t hate yourself enough to do […]

Literary Corner: Another Braff Makes Us Laugh

[green] “The thing I notice first about the fourth grade at Fillmore Elementary is death and God — or the amazing lack of them. A whole morning goes by and there’s no talk of plagues or slavery or the smiting of anyone, and not as much as a peep on sacrificial slaughters or pestilence.” Jacob […]

Civil Liberties Up in Smoke

You can’t smoke if you’re pregnant. You can’t smoke in your non-smoking friends’ homes. Now you can’t smoke in bars in New York. Now you can’t smoke EVER; if you want a job, that is. Let me confess: I hate smoking. I hate the smell of it and I throw fits when my boyfriend smokes […]