The Ultimate Photo Essay

During the first two weekends in April, MSU\’s men\’s and women\’s ultimate frisbee teams – the Burning Couch and Infamous, respectively – hosted tournaments in East Lansing. These tournaments, called Sectionals, were the first steps toward reaching the Ultimate Players Association\’s (UPA) College Championship, held on May 25-27 in Columbus, Ohio. This photo essay chronicles […]

Entering the Vlogosphere

[keyboard]I\’m a writer – at least I\’d like to think so. I write about a variety of topics, and like any other writer, the more interested I am in the topic, the easier the words flow. I\’m always searching for the right word or the appropriate sentence structure. I write because I have something to […]

The Sound of (Local) Music

[one]Avoiding the chilly temperatures and accumulating snow, a small crowd of people gathers inside the dimly lit café to sip tea and coffee. It’s a Wednesday night at Magdalena’s Tea House on Michigan Avenue, and the stage is set for the weekly Open Stage night. The cold weather has abbreviated the list of artists – […]