No Candy, Give Me a Cigarette

I have never been very big on St. Valentine’s Day. As a child I detested it because I was forced to give a card to every student in class. This caused me a lot of grief because I absolutely hated half of my fifth grade class, but that was well-earned seeing that they called my […]

New Year’s Resolutions on Gay Standard Time

There is this wonderful thing in the queer world called GST. Gay Standard Time is used by procrastinating queers and their friends around the globe to explain both late arrivals or just plain absence to any gathering. Some attempt to place a set time on GST, fifteen minutes after everyone else gets there is common, […]

Paranoia, Penises, and Prescriptions, oh my!

America. It is a land filled with crippling paranoia that causes us all to do extremely stupid things. From the Red Scare of the first half of the 20th century to the recent election, Americans continue to be influenced by the most absurd fears when making decisions. I am no exception except I claim to […]

Meet Craig

Being in college most conversations consist of three major questions. “What is your name?” “What is your major?” and of course “Are you too drunk to function in bed?” But if you are a member of the queer community there is a fourth question that is bound to come up: How/when did you come out […]