Best You’ve Never Heard: Jacknife Records

CD Warehouse, on the corner of Abbott and Albert, sells music just like any other store you might find in the Meridian Mall. However, the people that work in this store don’t just sell music, they make it through their own label called Jacknife Records. Jacknife Records is mainly run out of CD Warehouse by […]

Best You’ve Never Heard: Flatfoot

Big Sid is on the loose in the Lansing area after being released by local band, Flatfoot. The band’s second album, The Legend of Big Sid, follows the theme of “rootsy” rock with influences from blues and country twisting through each song. The album stretches the meaning of “rootsy” to its fullest extent. It covers […]

Don’t Turn on the T.V.

Vote Bush! Vote Kerry! Yes to Proposal 1! No to Proposal 1! Turning on that television in the next week will only result in being bombarded with political ads not afraid of telling you what exactly you should be thinking when you step into that voting booth. There is no doubt that the media plays […]

An ‘Unruly Night’

It isn’t often an independent movie breaks through the velvet ropes of local theaters. It’s even less often that a movie written and filmed in Lansing has the chance to reach a large audience on the big screen. “Unruly Nights” and it’s creators hope to change it all. The movie, written and produced by MSU […]

Hummus Breath

It’s Friday afternoon, and the week has dragged on far too long. Time to eat. Choices abound both on and off campus, but the food in the dorm cafeterias or pizza just sounds boring today. Today, something different sounds mouth-watering. [pizza] Middle Eastern food fits the bill: it’s new, it’s different and, if you know […]