Be wary: Internship scams are out to get you at MSU

Sitting in class, waiting for a lecture to start, the professor hands the microphone to a guy who has a spiel for the entire class. He starts out by giving general information about an internship opportunity that is available for the following summer. Not paying much attention, you fill out the form with your name, […]

International students seek shelter over winter break in East Lansing and beyond

As the 2012 fall semester comes to a close, students living in residence halls pack up their belongings and most make the journey home for the holidays. Some get on a plane and travel outside of Michigan, some students get picked up by their parents to take them back home, while others venture off to […]

MSU Graffiti: Students paint the town for class

From music notes to animals, to famous faces and sayings, painted graffiti covers the sidewalks and surroundings of MSU’s campus. But taking a closer look, one may notice a common theme of certain stencil-like art. Designs are featured from students in the Communication Arts and Sciences 111 class, the Digital Image. “We had to come […]