Touring This Town

During the summer months, students still hanging around this college town are usually in one of three situations: broke, bored, or both. Summer employment can provide some relief to the financial burdens lingering from the previous semester, but not all jobs are paid (and few are paid well). Musical performances and the bar scene are […]

Dear Lou Anna

Dear Lou Anna, During the past academic year, MSU has seen the arrival of two new members to the Board of Trustees. In November, the residents of Michigan elected Democratic candidates Faylene Owen and George Perles to replace Republican incumbents Dee Cook and Dave Porteous. The two began their eight year terms as trustees on […]

Telling Her-Story

[girl]Women’s suffrage. Women’s liberation. For many students, these two subjects may represent the extent of their knowledge on women’s history. And while the history of women encompasses far more than giving women the right to vote or the second wave movement of feminism, prior to the 1970s, the women\’s studies field was nearly nonexistent. For […]