Meet the Red Cedar Rowdies, MSU’s newest superfans

One of MSU’s newest and most creative student sections—the Red Cedar Rowdies—are gaining recognition and respect for their dedication and clever ways of getting crowds excited for MSU sports. The Rowdies are known for their dedication to MSU Men’s soccer team but have made several appearances at women’s volleyball games and women’s soccer games as […]

Soccer is still loved by Americans, despite how its popularity compares to other sports

            Many former youth soccer players remember the embarrassing picture button pins that our moms wore to our soccer games to cheer us on in our recreational soccer days as a youngster. We all played it, we all loved it.  For a countless amount of us, it was our first […]

Living under a rock? East Lansing’s guiltiest pleasures please late night student cravings

            Everyone has that one snack that you just have to indulge in every once in a while. In East Lansing students can’t seem to stay away from Goombas’s Pokee Stix and Insomnia Cookies. We all know that Pokee Stix had your heart the first time you tried them. If […]

Road block: Construction is leading to new and improved campus features

Walking through campus you might have been noticing the bright orange cones, thick lines of tape and the melodious sounds of drilling and hammering. It’s construction season here at MSU, and it’s bee going on for awhile. There are currently three large projects happening on campus. Reconstruction of the steam distribution in the West Circle […]

Our Spartan Nation Grows

Seeing a few more bikes latched up on the racks? Or feeling a little squished in the student section at the football games? That’s probably because this year’s freshman class is the biggest in Michigan State University history. The freshman class is built up of approximately 8,150 students, an increase of 350 students from the […]