Campus Invasion

[street]After spending every summer vacation since I started school lazing around my parents\’ house, last summer was hardly the summer routine I was used to. I\’d finally decided to act like an adult and do something productive with all that spare time; five days a week, I walked from my apartment at The Oaks to […]

Move Your Feet

[dance]An all-night party with dancing and free food. Activities for 24 hours straight. A great cause with a history of success on many other campuses across the country. For the past several months, a committee of dedicated MSU students has worked tirelessly to plan MSU\’s first ever Dance Marathon, a 24 hour event to raise […]

Dear Lou Anna

Dear Lou Anna, Every spring, MSU students wait anxiously to find out the exact date and time of their enrollment appointments, hoping they\’ll be able to create the perfect schedule for the next year. Schedules are supposed to be flexible enough to work around hours at an internship, allow students to take a course with […]

Just Another (Valentine\’s) Day

[hearts]We can all picture the “perfect” Valentine\’s Day, the kind we see in the movies: a romantic night out, starting with a beautiful bouquet of roses, continuing to a fancy, formal dinner and finishing with some kind of delicious dessert. And East Lansing businesses are ready to roll out a red (or pink) carpet lined […]