Work Out Whereabouts

To work out, some people prefer a daily run outside because they think the fresh air is refreshing, others prefer workout videos they can pop into their DVD player at home and tone their thighs at their leisure. Still some look for something more in a work out, like fancy equipment, aided training, or a […]

Your Magic Number

For a woman, having close guy friends can be a very good or very bad thing depending on the circumstance. When it comes to discussing sexual affairs, in my experience anyway, the conversations have always flowed into hypocritical territory. A common disagreement among my friends is the appropriate ‘magic number’ for women versus men. One […]

A Better Beautiful

[eyeliner] Recently I was having a discussion with a group of my guy friends over their make-up preferences for women. During our conversation a woman with powder paling her face, thick black mascara coated on her eyelashes, flashy blue boldly draped on her eyelids and scarlet slopped on her lips passed by. One of my […]