Employ Me!

You’ve spent hours on your résumé, filled out applications, talked with businesses, went in for interviews and still your cell phone sits quietly on your desk. Sound familiar? Getting a summer job in mid-Michigan this year seems about as likely as getting struck by lightning, and for young adults in particular, you might actually have […]

Bracketology Part III: Bittersweet Ending

It’s funny how, several weeks ago, people in East Lansing would have been ecstatic knowing MSU would have both teams in the Final Four. But watching the men’s and women’s teams end their respective seasons, people are thinking, “We blew it. If we had just made that shot, or held on to that loose ball, […]


For those of you who don’t watch college basketball and don’t know a No. 1 seed from a seed in the ground, it’s a good idea to spend the next few weeks trying to isolate yourselves from American culture. Godspeed my friends, Godspeed. [court] For everyone else, welcome to East Lansing during March Madness. Until […]

The Ball’s in Their Court

As the final buzzer sounded on Feb. 3, senior center Kelli Roehrig looked up to see the scoreboard and couldn’t help but smile. The 101-40 game marked another win for the Spartans. [bball2] It was only three years ago on this date that MSU fell to Indiana 67-55 in front of a dismal crowd in […]