Transitional housing affects students in positive and negative ways

After seeing the confined spaces of the dorm rooms at orientation, MSU freshman Mara Lowe was incredibly anxious when she learned that an additional student would be joining her and her roommate in the fall. Transitional housing presents first-year students with many challenges to overcome and adjustments to be made. However, Lowe said despite the […]

CATA bus overcrowding is a seasonal, economic issue

While standing outside in the blustering wind, snow, and frigid temperatures, the sight of a CATA bus approaching in the distance brings a sense of relief and joy. For many individuals however, this sentiment is overshadowed by the uncertainty of whether they will be able to board the bus, or be forced to endure unpleasant […]

Michigan State winning nationwide contest for “Catching Fire” advance screening

Students at Michigan State might be celebrating another big victory in East Lansing this weekend. This time, however, the excitement is not the result of a winning score from the football or basketball teams. MSU is ahead in the nationwide contest for the Catching Fire advance screening, which will be available for students to view […]

Imported From China

Transitioning to college with 48,000 new faces can be intimidating for anyone. But, just imagine moving among a brand new culture that you are unfamiliar with, while feeling the pressure to achieve good grades, become involved, and make new friends. “Imported From China,” a new documentary directed by Michigan State University Journalism Associate Professor Geri […]