Going Global

Sleeping Beauty January 8; Cobb Great Hall, Wharton Center The Russian National Ballet presents Sleeping Beauty, a well-known fairytale told through the art of dance and set to a Tchaikovsky score. For more information, contact Wharton Center Box Office at 517-432-2000. Our Journeys/Our Stories: Portraits of Latino Achievement Dec. 2008 – March 15; MSU Museum, […]

Going Global

The Irish Tenors Dec. 7, 2008; Wharton, Cobb Center The Irish Tenors perform standards, classic Christmas carols, and old Celtic favorites in their “Christmas in Ireland” program. For more information, contact Bob Hoffman at (517) 432-2000, Our Journeys/Our Stories: Portraits of Latino Achievement Dec. 2008 – March 15, 2009; MSU Museum, Heritage Gallery This Smithsonian […]

Going Global

“Toward a Complete Accounting of the Carbon Footprint of First Generation Biofuels” Thursday, November 6; 105 Manly Miles Building Dr. Jinhua Zhao discusses his research interests, including global climate change and environmental economics. For more information, contact lepardj@msu.edu “Rising World Food Prices and the Political Economy of Food in Eastern and Sothern Africa” Friday, November […]

Going Global

Red Sunrise (Rojo Amanecer) Oct. 2: Main Library, North Conference Room, W449 This 1989 film tells the story of a middle-class Mexican family accidentally involved in a 1968 Tlatelolco student revolt. The event is presented in coordination with the MSU Museum exhibit “Our Journeys/Our Stories: Portraits of Latino Achievement.” For more information, contact the MSU […]

Going Global

“Visual Griots: An Exhibit of Photography by African Youth” Sept. 15, 2008 – March 15, 2009; MSU Museum, Heritage Gallery This exhibit showcases the photographic work of Malian sixth-graders from the African villages of Damy and Kouara. The event is free and open to the public. For more information, contact the MSU Museum staff at […]

A Lesson in NYC

Ever thought about abandoning that raucous East Lansing nightlife and constructing a new persona for yourself in an entirely different city? Move to New York and try one of these identities on for size. Here’s a how-to manual to help you seamlessly indoctrinate yourself into city life. Hipster Once you’ve put on those thick black-framed […]

Kiss Me, I’m Not a Stereotype

During the month of March, every party store in the country features garish displays of grimacing red-haired leprechauns liberally speckled with freckles and donning enormous emerald shamrocks. References to drinking and fighting are made when discussing St. Patrick’s Day, a holiday ostensibly celebrating the noble culture and history in Ireland. But why have these American […]

The Rhythm of Independence

What is “indie”? The word often conjures up images of hipper-than-thou scenesters in skinny jeans and Converse sneakers, blasting music you’ve never heard through their large, black, ear-enveloping headphones. The term is used to describe everything from fashion to a lifestyle to a hairdo. While a great deal of baggage surrounds the term, the truest […]

Entertainment Statement

[dance1]Saffron yellow and brilliant orange mangoes, dripping with sweet juice. Burning hot curries, carefully flavored with a symphony of spices. Vibrant crimson Tandoori chicken, sizzling, marinated, slow-roasted in a thick sauce and served with buttery, flaky naan on the side. For years, most Americans knew more about the cuisine of India than the people who […]