Hot & Healthy in May

For this month’s edition of Hot & Healthy, Marker has spiced things up with a full, 2-course meal with entrée and dessert! Delicious, right? And since it’s summer, below these not one, but two video recipes, you can check out some great sex moves that involve things like pools, beaches and hot tubs! Summer sex moves from […]

Hot & Healthy in December

So, it may be just a little after the holidays, but everyone still enjoys some eggnog every now and then, right?  Of course!  So in honor of the season, here’s Nick Lippard’s delectable eggnog french toast. And to burn off those calories, along with any other calories you inevitably gathered throughout the holiday season, let’s […]

Hot & Healthy in November

For this month’s Hot & Healthy, check out Bri’s Fried Cooters!   The perfect treat to set out on the table for a tasty appetizer before the big meal this Thanksgiving.  I mean, everybody loves Cheerios, so why not fry them up and sprinkle them with salt?  Sounds strange, yes, but let this video demonstration convince […]

Hot & Healthy in October

Saddle up for this month’s Hot & Healthy with Food Network’s Paula Dean and her pumpkin bars just in time for Halloween.  And then burn off those calories and get in the spirit of costuming and role-playing with this month’s cowgirl sex position. PUMPKIN BARS: What you’ll need— Bars: 4 eggs 1 2/3 cups granulated […]

Single and Sexiled

You leave your dorm room while your roommate and their significant other are just hanging out. You come back only to find various clothing articles, including underwear, sprawled on the couch, by your desk and everywhere else in the room. Turns out they are in the shower together. Your roommate pleads with you afterward telling […]


What started off being quietly referred to as SMS messaging has exploded into a defining feature of our generation and prompted an expansion of text messaging plans among wireless providers. But how else is texting affecting us? The line becomes blurred in considering whether or not texting has become a necessity or remains a mere […]