Senior Love

[erika]College graduation can mean saying goodbye to late nights at the library, Saturday tailgates with friends and … your significant other? For graduating seniors, leaving college can lead to some pretty big relationship changes. Partners that were once down the street could end up across the country, or in Erika Huerta\’s case, across the ocean. […]

Losing It

[guy]For a 21-year-old male college student, appearing older than your actual age could come with some bonuses – like purchasing alcohol without getting carded. But looking more like 30 years old when you\’re in your early 20s might mean something else, too: early hair loss. Generally hair loss, clinically known as alopecia, has many different […]

Up in Smoke

[hand]As the faint, stale aroma of previously-smoked cigarettes carries through dimly lit PT O’Malley’s, Jaclyn Finnerman tends the bar waiting for her next customers. Thinking it would be great to soak up the nightlife while getting paid well, Finnerman has only one small qualm about being a bartender: as a non-smoker, she fears the health […]