Scurvy Is Scary

Taking daily vitamins has become a thing of the past. As a kid it seemed more important to get our daily dose of the Flinstones vitamins, but now, we’ve stopped growing, and vitamins for grown ups are no longer fruity and colorful. Ronda Bokram, a nutritionist at Olin Health Center, says that’s okay, because other […]

Love from Afar

[maps]College often takes us far away from our homes, families, friends and significant others. Relationships you had in high school where you saw your boyfriend/girlfriend everyday in and out of school, suddenly seem too hard to manage when one of you decides to go to a college far away from the other. Perhaps you meet […]

All Revved Up

It’s after midnight, and your boyfriend wants to mess around, when all you want to do is sleep. Or worse yet, your ready to get hot and heavy, but your girlfriend just wants to go to bed. Sound familiar? We have all heard the generalizations before, men love to have sex and want it as […]

I Do or I Don’t to Proposal 2

Michiganders young and old, married or single, will see big changes if Proposal 2 is passed this year.[ban] Proposal 2 is an amendment to Michigan’s constitution that will appear on election ballots this November 2. Though it is often thought of as the gay marriage proposal, it goes far beyond restricting same-sex marriages, which are […]

Sex and the Synagogue (or Church)

[sex]In a society where we grow up seeing sex on TV, in magazines and even in advertisements on building walls, it is hard to imagine that the subject of sex may be considered taboo in any culture. But for many, including Christians and Jews, religion weighs heavily on how individuals approach sexual relationships. For example, […]

Playing With Fire

Social smoking can be just as harmful as smoking on a regular basis and may even lead to serious addiction and harmful long-term health effects. The definition of social smoking, according to Olin Health Center, is smoking a cigarette less than every day. A social smoker may only smoke a few cigarettes one night, then […]