X-Out Exxon

[gas]Global warming. Mass murder and rape in Indonesia. The war in Iraq. The Mobil gas you pump into your car. The institution of MSU and its investment portfolio. One might find one of these topics out of place. Unfortunately, all five are inextricably linked, and the relationship is more direct than optimistically perceived. Read on […]

Meet Prince Albert

[face]You\’ve been seeing a special someone for a while now, and you decide you\’d like to take your relationship to the next step. Wanting to demonstrate your affection, you take charge and plan a special night. Everything is going just as planned – the dinner you spent three hours preparing was delicious, the flowers were […]

Legalize This

[woman]You\’re driving at night through an impoverished inner city. You come up to a red light and nervously glance around. To your left is a stick-thin blond in a leopard-print fur coat. Whether or not she has anything else on, you can’t tell — all you see are the thigh-high gloss-white boots leading out from […]