A Chiropractic Controversy

Have a back ache from that cheap desk chair? A visit with me sure would help, says the chiropractor. Well, maybe not– perhaps a chiropractor isn’t always the best choice for something like back pain, says the doctor. For years, chiropractors and doctors have been competing to be the doctor that meets all of your […]

Taking Back Our Bodies

Eating two quarts of ice cream, not eating for two weeks, eating for two hours straight and vomiting immediately after. These are all images of the extreme measures taken by victims of eating disorders. Those with eating disorders often suffer from body dysmorphic disorder and don’t always see the truth in the mirror. Although disorders […]

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

My mom was getting so skinny. She was usually so pessimistic about her health and about daily life, but she was finally sputtering off positive thoughts and words of encouragement. When the funeral finally arrived, my best friend and my ex-boyfriend didn’t even come with me. I woke up absolutely devastated and realized it was […]

Make No Excuse

If Jessica Achtman’s boyfriend and was blowing her off she would be depressed and would probably offer some excuses as reasoning. If he called a few hours late she’d be upset, but at least he called. Achtman, a hospitality business sophomore, confesses to the realities of typical dating scenarios. Chances are, if you’re a heterosexual […]