Fish Fears

[lake]The mitten state is famous for its five great lakes (remember H.O.M.E.S.?) and many inland bodies of water. With warm weather finally here, people around the state are getting their fishing licenses and reeling in potential supper from these various freshwater sources. But should they be eating the fish they catch? The amount of contamination […]

Stimulating Snacks

[garlic]Close your eyes and think about foods that set the mood for a steamy evening. Chocolate covered strawberries, whipped cream, and bunches of grapes probably come to mind, but what about orchid bulbs, garlic, snails, and pistachios? The libido boosters of our ancestors might seem far less appetizing, but the ancient Greeks may have been […]

Don\’t be Chicken

[chickens]In a country where cell phones cause brain tumors, sugar substitutes lead to cancer and anime cartoons result in seizures, everyday life can seem saturated with health risks. Some may have scientific backing, but others – like contracting sexually transmitted diseases from touching doorknobs – are not backed up by any feasible research. “I never […]