Amusement Park Blues

I first notice the horrible music. Walking down the stairs toward the plaza in front of the Old Stage, the cheesy and plastic sound of Swedish Folk gives me a good idea of what’s to come. I already know what the band members look like: aging, with frighteningly white smiles. [andreas1] The sun’s finally setting […]

Middle East Lansing

It’s the middle of February, a day like any other at East Lansing’s city hall. A small hailstorm the night before has resulted in sloppy dreariness and cold: typical ambivalent Michigan weather. The city councilmembers are in the midst of their terms, busy at their full-time jobs, leaving the office to its regular inhabitants and […]

2005 According to MSU

So far in 2005, MSU students have already seen unspectacular inaugurations of two presidents, although Lou Anna K. Simon’s installment arguably means more than George W. Bush’s in terms of changes. Looking ahead, we already know some things that will happen in the world. Every year brings some surprises, but certainties always remain. For example, […]

A Stately Presence

For roughly the first one hundred years of its existence, this university was a relatively quiet place. Invisible in the larger scope of things, in its guises as Michigan Agricultural College and Michigan State College, MSU mostly limited itself to farming endeavors. It was small and relatively unknown, an academic unit in which few things […]


“The time will come when mass anger must be reckoned with… the day seems not far ahead.” – from “Revolt,” in October, 1932. “Socialism was the future,” – from “Dissent,” in 1954. Prelude Democrats’ disillusionment following the 2004 election can’t compare to that of American socialists, whose hopes and dreams have been dashed and trampled […]

The World According To MSU

A common complaint about Americans, both domestically and abroad, is that we don’t pay much attention to foreign cultures and international events in which our government doesn’t have a direct stake. For example, in 2002, National Geographic conducted a survey which revealed that “roughly 85 percent of young Americans [from ages 18-24] could not find […]

The Day of Reckoning

On November 2, at 7:30 am, local time, a black Chevrolet pulled up outside a polling location in the Texas town of Crawford. The backseat door opened, and a hand protruded, already waving. A smiling face followed, as the body of George W. Bush hung out the side of his vehicle, saluting the unseen crowd […]

Playing Dirty

It began four years ago, even before George W. Bush took the presidential oath, but it wasn’t until this year the presidential campaign’s trash-talk alert passed code orange and entered high risk territory. Now, campaign ads from both sides have hit their peak, as they try to convince voters that the election isn’t about current […]

A Matter of Balls

Football is back. After being restricted to the sloppy care of amateurs playing on grassy fields over the summer, it’s finally back at the big venues. Now, the world livens up with boos and cheers while sports fans everywhere salivate at the prospects of a new season… everywhere but in the United States, where the […]