Dear Lou Anna

Dear Lou Anna, Imagine: The year is 1850, and you have just informed your parents you intend to go to college. You are a working class immigrant, living hand to mouth. You have shuffled from job to job, taking positions as a button-sewer, watch-maker and even family servant. Life has been rough, but you still […]

Winter Wanderings

Reality has finally hit, and MSU students have been forced to admit the glory days of warmth are long gone. The sticky sweet days of summer and the hoodie-clad days of fall are over, and Michigan’s creepy cold is coming quickly. Say goodbye to skirts, sandals and spaghetti straps. Wave farewell to iced mochas, iced […]

Trading (Home) Spaces

Moving into a home is not at all like entering a relationship. A home is something solid, secure, and definite-you never really think about the end. In a relationship, there is always that x-factor, the what-if, the chance you will hurt or get hurt. When settling into a house, you don’t anticipate the heart-wrenching end […]

A City Divide

While walking home from a friend’s house in early September, I had a bounce in my step, even though a heavy laptop was weighing down my messenger bag. I had just read the news – the police finally had a suspect in the string of murders happening in Lansing. I finally felt safe walking home. […]